We offer packaging solutions representing some of the world’s leading packaging companies which provide packaging solutions to leading MNCs in Food, Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries around the world.

Goldstone Packaging Corporation

Sunspire Holdings represents Goldstone Packaging Corporation, one of the leading packaging enterprises in China, which offers innovative flexible packaging and containers.

Goldstone is proud to own over 140 patents and has a great reputation in many industries, including food, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Amongst the multitude of top tier awards that Goldstone has secured are the Gold Medal for National Packaging Quality and The award for Top 10 Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Brand (2010,2011,2012) along with many other prestige titles.

Global Client Portfolio of Goldstone

Hansin New Packaging Co., Ltd

Sunspire Holdings represents Hansin New Packaging Co., Ltd. from China, one of the fastest growing aseptic bags manufacturers. Hansin specializes in aseptic bags for food products (tomato & fruit purees, concentrates & single strength juices) and in general all kinds of liquid products.

Barriers range from standard to high and alufoil grade, and with our wide range of bag sizes (BIB, Bag-in-drum and IBC bags), we protect your product against oxygen and browning under any storage and shipping condition, with a guarantee of 36-month shelf life.

Hansin manufacturer under ISO 9001 and SGS certification following EU regulations, and recently the company has obtained FSC 22000, the latest European quality standard.

Global Client Portfolio of Hansin